Natural Curly Hair Styles

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The best thing about having a natural, curly hairstyle is that there are endless ways to be able to wear it. People are ready to compliment the thick curls, and even the messiest look is attractive. A person should consider themselves lucky when they have this hair type. One way to wear natural curly hair styles is loose and free. After getting out of the shower, while hair is still wet apply some holding spray, or styling product so that curls stay defined and keep their spring for a longer period. This will also help in the defense against frizz and humid conditions. If using a hairdryer make sure to have a diffuser on it as this will not only protect the health of hair, but also the strength of the curls. Choose shampoos and conditioners that are meant to bring out the best in natural, curly hair styles and the ringlets will stick around for longer and stand out better. Natural curly hair styles also look great worn up or partially up. With this type of hair it’s always a good idea to leave a few ringlets out to showcase the beauty of the curls. Try a French braid with some face framing strands that curl. Perhaps a loose, messy bun with several locks pulled out for effect. Don’t just get stuck in putting it all up though. Going halfway can be quite the statement. A small, loose ponytail worn at the halfway point on the head is a good start. Another fantastic look is where a clip holds slightly more than half of the hair back and the rest is left hanging loose and curly. What to do when the bounce is gone can often be a question when people think their curls have left. The quickest way to get some spring back into hair is to get rid of some weight by getting rid of some inches. So by all means, if hair seems to be getting a little flat, try getting a good trim or adding some layer and the natural, curly hair style will be back.

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Natural Curly HairStyles 2012

Natural Curly Hair Styles

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